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Make Money the Option Knight Way
  • Know the direction a stock will move before an earnings announcement.
  • Open trades before market close.
  • Close trades at market open next trading day.
  • Take huge profits overnight.

The Option Knight is not afraid to make a decision.

Seeing is believing – check the scorecard!

The Option Knight website is a subscription-based service which provides an opinion on  the likely market direction (Up or Down) of a U.S. Exchange-traded option-eligible stock on the trading day just prior to an  earnings announcement (AMC-After Market Close or BMO-Before Market Opens). Opinions are provided on this website  at least 30 minutes before market close, providing a timely trading opportunity for aggressive option  traders.

How to Become an Option Knight

There are approximately 4000 stocks that meet our criteria, and with four earning announcements per year that makes 16,000 investment opportunities for  call option or put option investing just prior to an earnings announcement.

This site is intended for serious and experienced option traders who take on risk , who understand the risk , who risk capital to gain more capital.

See our long put play prediction below made on June 11th, 30 minutes prior to market close:

Lululemon Tanks!

Lululemon Tanks!

This trade alone could have delivered you over a 200% return on buying a put option prior to the earnings announcement and selling at open the following day!!!!!

We are still accepting subscriptions,so  enrol now to get in the program. You can’t win if you don’t play. Every day you delay, you miss out on trading opportunities.

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